If the microphone is not connecting, try directly on the scratch site.

Global Game Jam 2018 had a diversifier of Final Countdown where you could write a second game in the last hour. This seemed like a cool challenge so I gave it a go.

I used Scratch as I was pretty familiar with getting things working quickly from teaching. I went with a microphone based game because the main time it would be seen would be presenting at the end of the jam. For this one I made a drag race where you are the engine. You needed to make engine sounds to increase the revs then stop to change gear. It is pretty bare bones, where it doesn't slow down again even if you stop making noise and just basic art. In the presentation it got a good reaction and it is the right length to show the idea.

It was an interesting experience but probably doing it once was enough. There is not that much you can achieve from scratch in an hour, especially when you have been grinding out a game all weekend already.

Lessons Learnt

Making a game from scratch (in scratch) in an hour is possible.