The Godot game engine has a really nice Your first 2D game. I tried it out as an introduction to the engine and really enjoyed it. Once it was complete as is says in the tutorial 'Feel free to expand the gameplay with your own ideas.' I spruced it up with some assets from the Kenney Jumper Pack to practise using animated sprites with different animations. The bunny is just a cute main character. I also wanted to try out screen shake so there is a dramatic one when you get hit. Finally, I added a difficulty curve by speeding up the enemies as the game went on. This makes sure the player doesn't get bored once they have mastery as it gets harder and harder. A great thing about this change is it is really simple to implement and gives the game quite a different feel.

Lessons Learnt

Godot is pretty fun.
Adding a difficulty curve can just be a small tweak.